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What are Cookies?

Lama Travel and Tours employs an industry-wide “cookie” technology that in simple terms are small data pieces placed on your hard disk when you access a particular part of the website. The entire purpose of installing cookies is just to understand which areas of our website are popular and where users are spending most of their time. It helps us to customize internet settings according to users’ tastes and preferences. Cookies are used to show relevant advertisements (including the third parties) as well.

Cookies Features:

We use cookies during your browsing session and when you visit the website multiple times, we employ persistent cookies to offer the following features: Customization- for enhanced browsing experience Analytics- to find areas for improved service on our website.


To offer location-based services. However, most browsers offer tools through which you can opt-out of the feature anytime.

Third Party Technical Cookies

These cookies are aimed at providing improvised services to consumers.

Google Analytics

A high-quality web analytics service offered by Google Inc., Google Analytics applies the data collected to track and study website use, create reports on the activities, and share the findings with other Google services. Google might use the data to customize and contextualize advertisements from its network of ads.

External social networks and other platforms interactions

These services allow collaboration with social networks or other external platforms directly from the website’s pages. The interaction and information gained through the use of these services are subjected to the privacy settings opted by the user. In cases where a service enabling interaction with social networks is installed traffic data may still be collected for the pages with the installed service, even when browsing isn’t done. Like button of Facebook and its social widgets – These services allow interaction with the Facebook social network provided by the company Facebook Inc. Pinterest “Pin it” button and its social widgets – These services allow interaction with the Pinterest platform provided by Pinterest Inc.

Google+ +1 button and its social widgets

T These services allow service allowing interaction with the Google+ social network provided by Google Inc Social Applications – The social applications services allow our website to access the data of your social networks profile and maintain interaction through your posts. These services are not activated by default and require specific user authorization. Access to Twitter account – This service allows this Application to connect with the Twitter social network account of the user, provided by Twitter Inc.

Access to Facebook account

This service permits this Application to connect with the user’s Facebook social network account, provided by Facebook Inc.

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